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Midday Escapes, Holga Style

June 5, 2012

(Note: These are NOT Instagram photos.  I actually took them, with a real camera!)

Are you sitting at your desk, bored, and not actually working?  Or perhaps on Facebook for the 29th time today?  Well, here is a moment of escape, just for you.  I feel like I sound like one of those commercials (Princess Cruises?), offering a moment of relaxation.  Well, I am!

These are some of my favorite “happy places”; quiet spots to gather thoughts and just rest for a moment.  This comes with a shout out to all the introverts out there, like me, who desperately need happy places just to make it through the week.


Top: A sunset on Isle of Hope, Georgia

Second: An empty beach just after sunrise, Tybee Island, Georgia

Third: A quiet spot to sit, Sayulita, Mexico

Bottom: A dreamy place to read and ponder, Wolcott, Colorado

Shot on a Canon 50d, with Holga effects edited in.


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