Monday List: Ten Favorite Creative/Design Blogs

May 21, 2012

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Following design blogs is a relatively new thing to me.  For the longest time, I thought I was going to be a wedding photographer, so I followed about 30 different amazing professionals in the field.  Then I discovered that space and place inspired me most, and within those wedding photographs, all I really looked at were the reception shots– all the pretty things that made the place unique to the people.

Every place can tell a story of the individual who occupies it, and can tell of their distinctive personality.  People, particularly females (although there are MANY exceptions to this rule), seem to be wired with the need to make their space more beautiful.  I am inspired by people who can consistently do this, both for themselves and for others.  Here are a few of my current favorite design blogs.  The list is quickly growing!

  1. Desire to Inspire— The blog of Kim and Jo, who live in Australia and Canada, and have never actually met.  Together they scour the internet for the “perfect room” and best design finds.
  2. Sabbe Spot— A blog by Stephanie Sabbe, an interior designer who lives in Boston.
  3. Colour Me Happy— Maria Killam’s blog as a color expert and interior designer.
  4. Katie Did— Katie Denham, who lives by the saying on the Dove chocolate wrapper “Go decorate your life!”
  5. Decor8— the blog of Holly Becker, an ex-pat living in Northern Germany, who is a journalist, interior design consultant and author.
  6. Apartment Therapy— “Saving the world, one room at a time”, this blog is an online community with hundreds of contributors dedicated to making home life more beautiful, organized and healthy.
  7. Fresh News— The blog from Design Seeds, which is all about color palettes and inspiration  boards for the individual decorator.
  8. I Dream of Chairs— A design and lifestyle blog by “Meesh” from Vancouver.
  9. Habitually Chic— The blog of a young interior designer living in New York City.
  10. Jeannie Huang— Design finds for the creative mind.  Her’s is not necessarily an interior design blog, but I find more “happy places” here than anywhere else!
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