It’s all about the Lights

May 20, 2012



There’s something cozy about lights.

Chinese lanterns bring a sort of comfort that links me to place.  Places where I have been at the backyard BBQ on a warm summer night.  Where the real dancing is just about to begin at the wedding reception.  A quiet garden, or back porch on an evening filled with the voices of crickets.  Any place with Italian food… which also categorizes it as a “happy place” just for all the mozzarella.

Lights make a place special.  Memorable.

I do realize that these were shot in the studio.  I know, because I was there.  But even in that moment, we had the studio lights turned out and the string of mini lanterns strung out across our space to the tabletop.  And it was cozy, comforting, and nostalgic, just for a moment.

(As an addition to finding beautiful landscapes, architecture, and interiors, I’ll probably be finding lots of lights.  Can’t help myself.  If you ever see any, point me in their direction!)

Other cozy lights in my little collection:





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